Lifos Aviation Carrier and Trade Co.

Lifos Aviation Carrier and Trade Co.

Established as an air taxi company and offering high-level comfort to those who prefer it, Lifos Aviation Carrier is taking solid steps towards industry leadership with the facilities it provides.
Lifos Aviation Carrier and Trade Co.

Continuing its activities as an air taxi company with its own flight-operating license, Lifos Aviation Carrier and Trade Co. was established in Ankara in 2009.

Established to carry out national and international private air taxi passenger transportation and hangar activities, Lifos Aviation Carrier and Trade Co. is the Ankara-based company of Erciyes Anadolu Holding. Having attained a respected position in the industry with its service philosophy focusing on quality, trust and always aiming for the best, our company has been carrying out operations as an air taxi company with its own flight-operating license since 2010.

Lifos Aviation first provided air taxi services with its 2009 Model Cessna Citation XLS + (C560 XL) type Business Jet with 8 passenger capacity, and then continued this service with the 2012 Model Cessna Citation Sovereign (C680) type Business Jet with 8 passenger capacity and 4250 km range, which has been included in the company since the beginning of 2013. Complying fully with all procedures and legal regulations stipulated by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) in accordance with national and international regulations, our company has acquired a trust in the air transportation industry in Turkey and around the world by producing flexible and personalized solutions with high added value. Lifos Aviation has a private aircraft hangar at Esenboga Airport, with the capacity to concurrently accommodate 6 private jets, in a covered area of 2.712 m².

Lifos Aviation attained its required Operating License for air taxi operations in 2010. In addition, it has successfully completed the ISO 9001:2008 audit process carried out by the Turkish Standards Institute in the air taxi management industry. Lifos Aviation's Quality Management System compliance with ISO 9001:2008 Standard has been certified.

The private hangar, which has been operating since January 2011, includes features such as overnight accommodation, aircraft cleaning, oxygen-nitrogen supply as well as automatic heating-cooling, automatic fire extinguishing, 24-hour camera monitoring, and illuminated apron for its customer’s comfort. Practicing our principles and responding to customer demands with trust, punctuality, quality, information accuracy, while minding the benefit and cost balance, has allowed us to take solid steps towards becoming a world brand. Lifos Aviation is committed to fulfilling all the requirements published by the Turkish Civil Aviation General Directorate, ICAO, EASA, and ISO-9001, and comply with the maintenance policy that is set out in Part145 Part-m Standards and other standards determined by Turkish Civil Aviation.